Our Clients' Stories

Second Career

Linda grew up in an affluent household but was never interested in money. Then she received a large inheritance.  She wasn’t prepared to handle this sudden windfall by herself, so we helped her plan for the future and invest her money. Linda also desired to own income property.  We advised Linda on property management and facilitated setting up the correct business structure for holding rental real estate.  Linda has also decided to get involved in her father’s business ventures, and he’s mentoring her through the process. 


A New Direction  

Sally was recently widowed and sought our help.  She wanted sound investments which weren’t too risky for her stage of life.  She asked that we invest her money the way we do our own (which has always been our policy), and she wants us to communicate frequently.  “I want to trust implicitly and not worry about my finances.  It’s not something I’m interested in.”  Our plan lets Sally travel more, spend more time with her grandchildren and volunteer for causes that are important to her--without worrying about money.  Plus, she has peace of mind that her adult children and grandchildren will be taken care of.

Advice Transcends Investing  

John and his wife, Paula, are school teachers. John’s parents saved a significant amount of money. John’s father died about ten years ago and soon after that, his mother, who was suffering from dementia, was made a ward of the county.  When his mother died, John was the beneficiary of her IRA account.  Her court-appointed attorney suggested that John cash in the whole account, but doing so would have cost him almost $100,000 in taxes.  We recommended that John set up a beneficiary IRA.  He would pay taxes only on the amount he withdraws and not the whole account. With their new found wealth, Paula decided she wanted to spend less time at work and more time at home with their children.  We did some career counseling with Paula to help her find a part-time job with the proper amount of work and family balance.


A Better Night’s Sleep

Dr. Smith is a physician who immigrated to the United States from Great Britain. He met the love of his life soon after he moved here and started a family.   He’s hard working and has held a couple jobs at a time.  Because he was always being pulled in so many directions, he was sold a lot of different financial products with no cogent plan.  We helped him consolidate his accounts and shed investments and insurances that weren’t appropriate for him.  In addition, we set up an irrevocable life trust for their autistic son so that he’ll be cared for after Dr. and Mrs. Smith’s passing. When they retire, Dr. and Mrs. Smith want to spend part of the year in Great Britain to be with his family. We are currently devising a plan that will let them do so.


A Window of Opportunity

Betsy called our office and requested $21,000 from one of her accounts.  We asked her why she needed the money, and she explained that she was buying replacement windows.  Being familiar with her house, we thought that price was a little steep.  We asked her to give us the vendor’s number and called them.  We were able to negotiate a new price of $13,000. Betsy’s thrilled with her new windows and even more thrilled with our saving her $8,000.