Tell Us About You

Most Financial Planner websites begin with telling you who they are and about their services. To be truthful we are all pretty much alike in the services we offer! I am more interesting in learning who you are and what is important to you. That is what it is all about! Some common questions we hear from our clients are:

Should I cash in part of my retirement plan to pay off my mortgage?  (You would be suprised at what many rich people do!)

How can I lower my taxes?

Am I saving enough for retirement 

How do I save for my kid's college? Should I co-sign their student loans? 

Should I buy or lease my next car? 

I get a pension when I retire. Should I take the money in a lump sum or monthly payments? 

At what age should i start taking my Social Security benefits?

Should I do a traditional Medicare supplement or a Medicare Advantage plan? What are the major differences between the two?

Can you help me sell my business or help me fund a new business?  ( We have done both!)

Will you provide a second opinion on my current portfolio?

Am I taking to much investment  risk for my retirement years? ( The answer is often yes) 

The questions are endless and unique to your situation. Let's have a free thirty minute conversation over the phone, Zoom or in person so I can learn more about you. If we decide we are a good fit to do business together we will take it from there!