Book Review: “Face the Music” by Greg Anton

Recently, like so many other people this winter, I was home from work and sick with the flu. I decided to read my advance copy of Face the Music by Greg Anton, and all I can say is “Wow!” I couldn’t put this book down, and I finished it in one day. While Face the Music is a real page-turner, it’s very poignant and has depth.

The main character, Woody, is a super-talented musician who won’t compromise his musical integrity, but he’s also a lovable loser. Woody’s saving grace is his ethereally beautiful red-headed girlfriend, Stephanie. She is also a very talented dancer but because of the harsh realities of life, works in a strip club and that makes Woody insanely jealous. All this angst causes Woody to write his masterpiece aptly titled Stephanie. And this is where trouble sets in for Woody, but the fun begins for the reader.

No song exists in a vacuum; it must be fleshed out, produced and recorded so that others may hear it and buy it. After all, artists need to get paid. Woody starts to share the song with other musicians, including a charismatic but morally bankrupt singer named Ray Bell. As one might guess, Woody never copyrighted his song, so the unscrupulous Ray Bell steals the song. Ray, however, is an inferior musician and can’t get the song to work. Meanwhile, Woody finds his way into the good graces of an attorney and music producer, Jeff Pearlman, who recognizes Woody’s talent and the hit potential of Stephanie. Pearlman gets Woody to record the song. It’s set for release, but there is one small glitch: Woody disappears from the face of the Earth! Of course, this is where the plot takes more twists and turns then a Highway One ride to Stinson Beach, California!

Face the Music is Greg Anton’s first book. It’s fun and engaging with an insider’s view of the music business. Let’s hope Greg writes a follow-up to Face the Music so we can see how Woody handles success.

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